Visiting the Library

The library is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1-8 pm, Thursday 1-5 pm, Friday 9-12 pm, Saturday 9-1 pm. Library Take Out is available everyday the library is open.

Please call 523-9650 or email to learn more.

Reopening the Canaan Town Library

Phase 5: Open (to begin January 17, 2024)

  • Safety Measures in place for Phase 5:
    • The public computer terminals will be separated by a plexiglass guard wall.
    • Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will be made available at no cost.
    • Surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned according to CDC guidelines.

To see all of the Phases of Operation

Library Take Out is a great option!  We are now offering Library Take Out every day that the library is open. Patrons are welcome to call: 523-9650, email:, or

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