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How to get started:

To create a free account (8 views per month) you will need to have a Canaan Town Library library card number. For purposes of logging in to Kanopy, your existing library card number will be preceded by the digits 4545. Here’s the tricky bit: if your library card number is fewer than 4 digits, you will need to add an amount of zeros to make your library card number, including the 4545 prefix, total 8 digits. For example: If your library card number is 1234, on Kanopy, it will be 45451234. If your library card number is 12, on Kanopy, it will be 45450012.

About Kanopy:

Kanopy is a video-streaming platform dedicated to thoughtful and thought-provoking films. Founded in 2008, Kanopy was established to provide academic institutions with essential films that foster learning and conversation. In 2016, Kanopy expanded its services to public libraries and now delivers a diverse collection of 30,000+ enriching films, available to stream anytime and anywhere — from desktop to TV to tablet. With an ideal platform for showcasing independent films that fuels lifelong learning, we are on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to enriching films that bridge cultural boundaries, spark discussion, and expand worldviews.

Frequently Asked Questions