Recreations: for the love of art and sanity

Local folks have taken creating art to a new level and the library is loving the results!  In the interest of sharing the creativity of our community, the library will be curating these amazing pieces of digital art. 

Introducing the library’s new art project: 

Recreations: for the love of art and sanity.

The library will be curating your art recreations.  Submit entries to and we may add them to our library website for people to enjoy.  Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the piece of art and artist’s name that has inspired you.  

Your submissions are your consent for the library to use your creations on all of our social media and online platforms.  In the future, maybe we will even have an “in person” art opening.

Join in the fun!

Hendrik Bloemaert, 1632.  Old Woman Selling Eggs. 
Recreated by Deb Sturmlinger Shinnlinger.
Felice House. Virginia Banderas.  Recreated by Kathleen Peters.

Johannes Vermeer, 1665. Girl with a Pearl Earring.
Recreated by Deb Sturmlinger Shinnlinger.
Andrew Wyeth, 1948. Christina’s World. Recreated by Deb Sturmlinger Shinnlinger.
Giorgio Morandi, 1951. Natura Morta. Recreated by Jessica Bishop Grace and Family.
Gustav Courbet, The Desperate Man, 1845. Recreated by Deb Shinnlinger.
Lady with Ermine (named Reuben), Leonardo DaVinci, 1645. Recreated by Deb Shinnlinger.
Georg Mühlberg, untitled, 1890. Recreated by Deb Shinnlinger.
Paul Cezanne, The Card Players, 1890. Recreated by Deb Shinnlinger and Lucky’s Coffee Garage Staff Luminaries.

Unknown. Gnome, 19??. Recreated by Koby VanBeest.
Vincent Van Gogh. Sunflowers, 1888. Recreated by Tracy Guest.
Francesco Hayez. Susanna at her Bath, 1850. Recreated by Stripe Demarest & Sage.
Edvard Munch. The Scream, 1893. Recreated by Kim McQuaid