Beat the Heat Beach Read Bingo

Print Your Bingo Card

Have you ever played bingo? You know, the cool cards, the machine that spins the ping pong balls around? Well, Library Bingo is a little different, but still lots of fun. Instead of hoping for the right number to pop up, you get to choose what squares to fill in by reading stuff, hopefully, stuff you like!

Challenge yourself this summer.  Join us for this fun contest if you haven’t before, or try and fill a whole card if you’re a seasoned Beach Read Bingo professional.  How long have we been Bingo-ing now?  Could it be 10 years? 

You may pick up your Bingo Card at the library during Library Take Out time (Mondays, 5-7 pm, Thursdays, 1-2 pm, Saturdays 10-12 pm). 

Contest runs July 1 – August 31.  For adults, and kids grades 6 and up!