Friends of the Library Plant Sale Cancelled

Jumping worm. Photo by Jeanette Crawford.

New Hampshire has a new threat to our soil health and successful gardening: the jumping worm.  Jumping worms are also know as crazy worms or snake worms.  These worms are very invasive and they cause great harm to the soil, unlike the earthworms we are all familiar with.  They feed voraciously on organic matter and excrete material that appears grainy, like coffee grounds.  This changes the chemistry of the soil and decreases the nutrients for native species.

We are still learning about how to mitigate their spread.  Until we can do that safely, out of respect for you and your gardens we are cancelling our plant sale for this year.  Stay tuned for the 2023 plant sale.

To learn more about their identification and how to handle them, please click the link for the pamphlet released by the NH State Extension.

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