Imagine Your Story

Print Your Imagine Your Story Bingo Card

Once upon a time there was a library who wanted to help all kids and their families enjoy their summer holiday by giving them contests and crafts to foster (that means encourage) a love of reading.  Hopefully, they will all live happily ever after with many books surrounding them.

Summer Reading Program Schedule:

READING BINGO Starting Monday, June 29, you can pick up your Imagine Your Story Bingo Cards during Library Take Out (Mondays, 5-7 pm, Thursdays, 1-3 pm, Saturdays 10-12 pm). Fill in your bingo squares by reading, or doing, what the squares tell you to do.  You’ve got BINGO when you’ve completed 5 squares in a row — horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  We’ll be playing bingo from July 1 — August 31.  When you’ve completed you card (by getting one bingo, or maybe even filling in the whole card), return it to the library with your name on it.  The more you read, the more you win!

CRAFT CLUB Starting the week of July 6, Craft Club will be in session!  Every other week (don’t worry, we’ll remind you) you will be able to pick up a craft kit during Library Take Out (Mondays, 5-7 pm, Thursdays, 1-3 pm, Saturdays 10-12 pm).  We’ll be making Fairy Tale themed crafts this summer, so get ready for dragons, castles and more!  There will be limited kits available, and we ask that you limit to one per child.  We will not be reserving kits, but we will try to make sure there are enough to go around.