Here’s what we’re reading in 2015!

Wednesdays, 6:05 pm at the library.  February 11th through March 25th.  Bring the family for an adventure of the mind.  Short stories read out loud and in dramatic fashion by neighbors you know in the warm, friendly atmosphere of the library.

Feb 11: Reading Aloud, Nicholson Baker & A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Feb 18: A Cosmopolite in a Café, O. Henry & A Duel, Guy de Maupassant

Feb 25: How I Edited an Agricultural Paper, Mark Twain & The Model Millionaire, Oscar Wilde

Mar 4: Aloha Oe, Jack London & A Delicate Subject, Natalya Baranskaya

 Mar 11: The South, Jorge Luis Borges & Wants, Grace Paley

Mar 18: A Tiny Feast, Chris Adrian & My Financial Career, Stephen Leacock

Mar 25: All You Have to Do & Missed Connection, B.J. Novak & How the Neighbor Earned His Nickname, Rebecca Rule

[Program hosted by the Canaan Town Library & Supported by Friends of Canaan Village]