Dream Big . . . READ!



June 2012

Hi Families!

Your children are invited to join Canaan Town Library’s Summer Library Program and attend the fun programs and events we are planning.  This summer’s theme, DREAM BIG – READ! is about all things nocturnal; dreams, stars and planets, bats, owls, spooky stories and more.  The programs are free and open to all.

This annual program is designed to encourage reading for pleasure in a relaxed environment.  In addition to the basic reading program some of the special Saturday activities planned are:
July 7    11am-2pm       Design your own moon visor
July 14  11am                Magician Peter Boie at Cardigan  Mountain School*
July 14   1pm-3pm       Create your own dream catcher at the Canaan Town Library
July 21   11am-2pm      Build your own nocturnal mobile
July 27   6pm                 Stuffed Animal Sleepover Party (Only stuffed animals stay overnight)
July 28    1pm                 Pick up your animal friends AND stay for the Ice Cream Social!

As you can see above, this year we are adding two exciting events to our Summer Reading Program.  Come join us this summer for the fun!

Happy Summer Reading!

PARENTS — Want to read along with your children

this summer?  Be on the look out for our

Adult Summer Reading Program,


*This Kids, Books and the Arts event is made possible with a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation in memory of Rebecca Lee Spitz.