Please sign the Save the Vans Petition

We have been asked by the NH Library Trustees Association to make available a petition to garner support for continued funding of the NH InterLibrary Loan service. There is a proposal in House Bill 2 to amend the use of the funds that currently supports the 3 van interlibrary loan delivery program. Here is the exact wording from the Bill:

224:215 Department of Cultural Resources, Federal Funding. It is the
intent of the general court that the department of cultural resources
review the federal program guidelines for which it receives federal
dollars to support library programs and seek to amend its 5-year plan to
use funding that had been designated to support 3 of the interlibrary
vans for other purposes. Furthermore, the review shall include a
determination of programs or services the department could offer using
federal library program funds. The department shall file a report of its
findings with the house finance committee on or before November 30,

Here is a stat for you: During the time period of January 1, 2011 to September 28, 2011 we have borrowed 1017 items for our library patrons from other libraries across the state. We have lent 407 items to other NH libraries.

If you use ILL, please come add your name to the petition. The more support the better. You may also send letters of support to Michael York, the State Library at NH State Library, 20 Parker St. Concord, NH 03301, or drop them off at the library and we will forward them for you. You may also contact your Representatives and let them know how important ILL is to you. Find their contact information here.

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