Spelling Bee 2011

Spelling Bee 2011

The First Annual Canaan Community Spelling Bee was a huge success. Thank you to the Friends of the Library for making this possible. See you all in 2012!

The Friends:

And the Teams are:

Alphabet Soup:
Alphabet Soup
M Anne M:
M Anne M
The Bad Bees:
The Bad Bees
The Confucions:
The Confucions
The Goose Pond Loonies:
The Goose Pond Loonies
The Killer Bees:
The Killer Bees
The Queen Bees:
The Queen bees
Red Hat Honeys:
The Red Hat Honeys
The Roaring Lions:
The Roaring Lions
The Spell Checkers:
The Spell Checkers

Our Hosts:
Our Hosts: Captain Canaan and Mr. Mascoma

Learning the Rules:
Let's Begin:


And the winners are:
Best Team Name:
Best Team Name: The Killer Bees
Best Costume:
Best Team Costume: The Queen Bees
Championship Spellers:
Championship Spellers: Ex-spell-iarmus

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